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Floor covering handling from racks to supply-in-line sequence process carts


The automotive industry is known to be a highly demanding sector. Fair enough. Our client asked us for a productive solution to move floor coverings from racks to SILS carts. The specific challenge here was the large dimensions of the carpets  (2 m x 2 m), their weight (35 kg) and the large working area (15 m x 12.5 m).



RDL Engineering has met this challenge head-on. We installed an Indeva manipulator fitted with special gripper tooling for picking the carpets from the racks, placing them on the carts and picking the empty frames from the carts. We mounted the complete assembly to rails with a 12 m span. Compressed air was supplied through a flexible spiral hose.  Needless to say that safe operation is not put at risk: In case of power failure carpets will not slip out of the gripper.

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