Why RDL?

Why choosing RDL?

Optimising Production Processes

RDL Engineering offers a full range of innovative systems in all sectors that help in solving and organising in a flexible way the movement issues of people, products and vehicles through on-going dialogue with the customer.



Our innovative solutions focus on the continuity and growth of your corporate processes and production capability. We are constantly in search for the most advanced and economically justifiable means to improve your internal goods transportation.


We take every logistics issue as a challenge to break down practical boundaries. When doing so, we always start from the on-site situation. We map out and find opportunities and answers to the most diverse requirements to achieve much more streamlined production processes.


Reliability Engineering

We attach the greatest importance to optimising the lifetime and reliability of components, products or systems so as to make sure they will always meet the required functions of your specific operation and production processes.

Our Solutions

AGVs and transportation systems

Airport: airplane cargo containers

Chemistry: film manufacture workflow

Food industry: palletizing robot

Material handling

Metal industry: Steel sheets


Automotive: operators

Commercial kitchens: internal transport

Goods lift

Lifting tables

Retail: Internal transportation

Automotive: Floor covering


Printing: Printer parts