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Loading and unloading airplane cargo containers in and out of lorries.


Airplane cargo containers require fast and accurate loading and unloading and should seamlessly integrate with truck transport. The variation of dimensions and weight of the containers (up to 6,800 kg) made this project a real challenge to RDL Engineering. In addition, loading floor heights differed from one truck to another and trucks may come in off centred when they dock. Our client asked for an easy-to-operate system and wanted us to meet stringent site access security requirements.


RDL Engineering opted for mobile, width and height adjustable scissor lift tables. The mobile truck docks can be easily located by operators for transition to the downstream roller conveyors by means of a “home” function. The roller shutters connect perfectly to the truck docks and are only opened or closed in this “home” function once the truck is docked. The driver does not need to intervene and has no access to the safety zone.

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