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RDL Engineering develops, manufactures and installs innovative solutions. This is possible either as stand-alone, but also as part of your existing workflow or of an overall project.

Together with you, we, at RDL Engineering, want to make your internal logistics processes faster, more profitable and more secure or make optimum use thereof. We would like to call it ‘simplexity’. We ensure that energy systems, digital applications and automation interact intelligently. Intuitive in use, straightforward to integrate in comprehensive systems and complex unities as appropriate.

We operate in various market segments offering a vast choice of logistics and handling tools. Our solutions help to ensure that your handling and transfer processes run fast, efficiently and securely.

  • Robotics for palletising, manipulation and assembly.
  • Custom made Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), electric shuttles.
  • Custom made Automatic Warehouse Cranes.
  • Conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, special conveyors
  • Vertical transportation systems
  • Integrated machine building for industrial automation

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